Bizlen’s accounting and Tax Services has specialised department is specialised in audit, inspection, consultancy on management – accounts – finance – taxation – investment etc. as well as supplying the bookkeeping services.

We will also give you sufficient legal advice to guarantee you are following the laws and regulations in Vietnam whilst keeping your overheads and taxation at the lowest possible.



Operation principles and commitments.

• We operate on the principles of independence, objectiveness, integrity, protecting the rights, benefits and business secrets of clients as protecting the rights of its own in compliance with the laws;

• Incessantly developing a professional human resource, actively applying the advanced technology to serve our clients in the process of global development and integration;


• Providing the clients with services of high quality in a professional manner;

• Building up and developing relationships with clients in a professional and friendly working environment;


• Giving highest supports to help clients achieve business successes in Vietnam;


• Striving to bring supports the highest benefits to our clients, staff, investors and the whole society.



In order to get a quotation or receive consultation from one of our professional team members, please contact us by email or telephone.


Phone: (+84) 354900977